Convention | 8 – 10 May

The Islamic Forum is pleased to announce that registration for its 2015 Convention is now open. The convention takes place between 8-10 May at the Reservoir Hills Islamic Centre in Durban In sha Allah. The convention aims to provide an opportunity for the community, ranging from high school students to senior community members, to come together for a weekend of learning, spiritual upliftment and constructive engagement.

The 2015 convention hosts three acclaimed guest speakers; Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya An-Ninowy, founding director of the Madina Institute (USA), Hafez Fuzail Soofie (Durban) and Shaykh Bilal Ismail (Durban).

The theme for the convention is: Living Islam in the Modern Day: Faithful to text, relevant to context.

The Modern Day presents the Muslim personality with an abundance of opportunity; access to information, the dawn of multiculturalism and relative economic prosperity allows the global ummah to engage and operate in novel ways. At the same time, we face contemporary challenges that are unparalleled in our history. The pervasiveness of neoliberal capitalism, the disintegration of families and traditional communities, the rise of Islamophobia and the prevalence of areligious and anti-God epistemological and sociological paradigms make Living Islam in the Modern Day increasingly complex. How do we respond to violent extremism and destructive sectarianism as a global ummah? How do we remain connected to our creator in a largely secular and spiritually bankrupt world? How do we create healthy, Taqwa-centred environments for our children and ourselves? How do we apply shariah and the moral, ethical and social principles it espouses as South African Muslims living in a multicultural, multi-faith society? How do we understand and engage our context while remaining faithful to the text? These are just some of the questions that we hope to answer by going back to our primary sources – the Quran and authentic sunnah.

Session topics include:

  • Serving God, Serving Humanity: Community-Building for the Modern Day
  • Freedom of Expression: Principles and Etiquette
  • The Crisis of Knowledge: Strategies for Revival and Reform
  • Cultivating a Healthy Environment for Muslim Families
  • Strategies for Youth Development
  • Soul Matters: the Way of Self-purification
  • Violent Extremism and Destructive Sectarianism: Analysis and Solutions
  • Redefining Muslim Orthodoxy

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