July 23, 2015


The themes and speakers of the annual Islamic Forum Convention/Retreat are listed below.

2018 Halal but Unislamic Sheikh Sharif Hassan Al Banna
2018 Al Ghazali Festival
2018 Imam Afroz Ali Tour
2018 Zakaah Seminar Hoosen Essof
2018 Shari’ah Intelligence Course Sheikh Nuruddeen Lemu (Nigeria)
2018 The British Mosque Shahed Saleem
2018 Oppression by Design – The Architecture of Apartheid
2018 Liberty Equality Fraternity – French Style, The Case against Tariq Ramadaan
2018 Journey through the Quran Sheikh Sharif Hassan Al Banna
2018 Stephen Hawkings – Time and Islam Advocate Omar Moosa
2018 Living with Purpose – A Path of Self Discovery Sadathullah Khan
2018 Jannah Training Fadwa Solomon
2018 Islam and the Cultural Imperative Shk Umar Farouk Abdallah
2018 The History of the Kashmir Conflict Prof Hafsa Kanjwal
2018 Ubudiyyah True Kingship Shk Abdal Hakim Murad
2017 Journey through the Quran Sheikh Sharif Hassan Al Banna
2016 Reflections on the Quraan Shaykh Jasser Auda
2015 Spread Light: Calling to Allah in a divided world (in conjunction with SeekersHub Global) Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Ustadh Amjad Tarsin & Sidi Nader Khan
2015 Living Islam in the Modern Day: Faithful to text, Relevant to Context Shaykh Ninowy, Hafez Fuzail Soofie, Shaykh Bilal Ismail
2014 Spiritual Success: An Islamic Perspective Dr Jasser Auda, Shaykh Sadullah Khan & Hafez Fuzail Soofie
2013 Journey through the Sirah Shaykh SM Hasan Al-Banna
2012 Prophetic Leadership Shaykh Abdur Rahman Helbawy & Yawar Baig
2011 Families Living Islam Shaykh Sadullah Khan & Idris Khamissa
2010 Successful Families Moving Forward Prof Muneer Fareed & Prof Ebrahim Moosa
2009 Successful Families: Back to Basics Imam Rashid Omar

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