Tribute to a Wonderful Team: late Aisha & Ismail Manjra

Paediatrician and Allergologist, Dr Ahmed Ismail Manjra in a moving tribute to his deceased parents described them as the “Wonderful Team.”

He pointed out that his father, Mr Ismail Manjra and mother, Mrs Aisha Manjra were married for 60 years and during that time not only nurtured the family but served the greater community.

“My parents were humble and hard working. They were not materialistic and valued education. Both were principled and upheld integrity and as such were the wonderful team,” he said.

The couple threw their home open to visiting scholars from abroad and ensured that they had a hospitable and meaningful stay in the city. These visits contributed to the community being able to communicate and inter-act with some of the leading thinkers in the Muslim world. All five of their children were encouraged to pursue a sound education. Two of them Ahmed and Shuaib became doctors. One of them a chartered accountant, another a businessman and the only daughter, Fathima a media specialist.

Mr Manjra Senior was a co-founder of the South African Islamic Centre and the Al Mujjadad newspaper. A long standing member of the Arabic Study Circle which he served for 60 years.

Being part of a dedicated band of men and women who promoted Arabic as a language, made great demands on his time and energy, but Mr Manjra and his colleagues continued tirelessly.

He was also a founding member of the Muslim Youth Movement and served the Darul Yatama Wal Masakeen and the Reservoir Hills Muslim Society.

A civil society activist who demonstrated publicly against the apartheid government. “My father would not have been able to serve in all these capacities without the support from my mother who shared his desire to be of service to all people,” said Dr Manjra. Mr and Mrs Manjra are survived 16 grand children and seven great grand children. May the Almighty confer the highest status of Jannah to them and be an inspiration for all.

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