Cautious Optimism greets change of Leadership

Muslims are rallying around newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa and are to meet in Durban to work out a plan on how best to contribute to the newfound change sweeping through the country this week.

Chairman of the South African Muslim Network, Dr Faizel Suleman said that as “patriotic South Africans, we are positive.” He called on all section of the community to turn up and make their contributions in what he said, “we must make sure that what happened in our country, must never happen again.”

Dr Suleman said the meeting will take place at the Mariam Bee Women’s Culture Group Centre in Kenilworth Road on Wednesday 21 February 2018 at 7.30pm and is open to the public.

“We abandoned our spirit of activism and volunteerism. We need to return. We need to make politicians accountable and we have to be vigilant. I urge our young people to set up section 21 companies to boost the economy. We have to become active again,” he said.

Industrialist, Ismail Kala said that the country would be structured and more organized under the new President who was a man who is a visionary. “I am very positive about the future. I will play a role in the development and creating of jobs. Yes, I will attend the job creation summit, which President Ramaphosa has spoken about and I would want to play a role. He said that jobs were a priority and that if people were able to get work, the crime rate would drop,” said Mr Kala.

Deputy eThekwini Mayor, Mrs Fawzia Peer said that President Cyril Ramaphosa has committed himself as a servant of the people. “He is committed to growing the economy for all South Africans. He is concerned about corruption and youth unemployment. Towards this end he has suggested some decisive strategies. In true servant leadership style he has suggested an inclusive economy. He is of the firm opinion that public servants are there to serve the people not vice versa. He has literally begged all South Africans to work towards a common South Africa where we can all be proud as citizens. He seems to have hit all the right notes that people of all colours and hues and political dispensation wanted or hear. He has appealed to lend a hand. It is time for all of us to say, “Send Me” – quoting Hugh Masekela.” Working class Muslims were just as enthusiastic as their counterparts on the other end of the economic scale and believe that they are inspired to empower themselves, their families and the country.

Property developer and businessman, Mr S H Mia said that the country was now moving in the right direction and that the Government must take each step to its logical conclusion. “The momentum is going to gather speed and the demand for young professionals are going to be in great demand. Free tertiary education for poor students creates an avenue, which will make dreams of many more people come true. Young Muslims must also develop their skills and especially women who have degrees but who are sitting at home. They must use their skills to break into the job market, establish themselves and make a positive contribution,” said Mr Mia. He added that the Rand was growing firmer against the major currencies in the world since President Ramaphosa took office. Mr Mia said that there was a new found confidence among investors from abroad and that the country was likely to be lifted from “Junk Status” to a level which will see foreign capital flowing into South Africa.

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