Top doctor offers services to war victims

South Africa’s top plastic surgeon, Dr Ridwaan Mia has offered his services to treat victims of war in Syria as reports filtered through that scores of children and adults are in urgent need of specialist doctors after reports of chlorine gas attacks this week.

It is not known exactly how many people are in need for treatment for burns and injuries sustained by bombing as the rebels backed by the West and with Iran and Russia supporting President Bashar Al Asad escalated despite a United Nations resolution calling for a cease-fire.

“I have offered my services without charge to two aid agencies and informed them that I am available to travel to Syria and treat patients who might be flown to South Africa on board mercy flights,” said Dr Mia.

Meanwhile, leading commentator, activist and one of the sharpest legal minds in the country, Hafiz A B Mohamed said that the battle in Syria by the western powers and their proxies is one step in the eventual battle against an Islam that never ever surrenders to tyranny. He said that should the West lose the battle in Syria, almost all the proxy states will collapse like a pack of cards.

This past week, over  500 people who lost their lives, 120 of them were children as the bombing on the eastern enclave of Ghouta, near Damascus, Syria was intensified over the last week

The Syrian and Russian governments deny that their attacks, despite a United Nations resolution to a ceasefire for humanitarian aid to get through are not aimed at civilians.  “But for last seven consecutive days, the bombing had continued and despite the UN resolution for a ceasefire, hostilities go on unabated.

A spokesman pointed out that 400 000 people live in eastern Ghouta which is made up of towns and farms. It has been under government siege since 2013. It is believed that this is the last stronghold being held by rebel forces, which are being armed and supported by certain western governments.

With Iran, Russia supporting Asad and the rebels by the west, each is blaming the other for the escalating violence over the past week. Iranian General Mohammad Baqeri is reported to have said that they would respect the ceasefire; he added that it did not cover rebel-held parts of Damascus. Russia on the other hand said that they were relying on western supporters of the rebels to enforce the truce. International aid agencies have been left “ineffectual” as the bombing continues.

The war between President Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces has left thousands of civilians dead, even more homeless and countless children who live, if they are lucky enough to survive the bombing from one day to another with need for urgent medical attention.

In a special report, Al Jazeera TV’s ZeinaKhodr reported, “As of Monday, February 26, Syrian forces have “not been able to take an inch of territory.” Also that Government forces have allegedly used mortar shells, barrel bombs, cluster bombs, and bunker-busting munitions. The report went onto say that Syria’s Civil Defence rescuers, also known as the White Helmets, said victims in Eastern Ghouta were showing symptoms “consistent with exposure to toxic chlorine gas”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described allegations of the gas attack as “bogus stories”. The report went onto say, “As of February 26, the death toll in the past three months has exceeded 700 civilians in Eastern Ghouta. This includes 185 children and 109 women. Syrian government officials say “terrorists” are using civilians as human shields.

Human rights lawyer, Saber Jhazbhai said that this is a war crime. “All the leaders involved should be charged at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. It certainly a war crime which must make leaders from the very top including Asad, Putin, Donald Trump, Emanuel Macron of France, Benjamin Natanyau of Israel and certain elements of Hizbullah. They are all liable for the wanton killing, maiming, destruction of communities and the murder of children. All it needs is one victim to; lay a complaint and I hope that it is done soon,” said Mr Jhazbhai.

“I strongly condemn the killing of innocents by both State as well as non-state actors in Ghouta and elsewhere in Syria. I call on all parties to allow sustained humanitarian access to civilians in order to deliver food and medicine to the suffering children, women and men to prevent further loss of life.” Commented Imam Dr Rashied Omar of the Claremont Main Road Mosque.

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