Sadathullah Khan – Living with Purpose

The Islamic Forum hosted internationally renowned motivational speaker Sadathullah Khan at the Suleman Lockhat Auditorium on Friday 18th March 2018 where he presented his lecture on “Living with Purpose – a path of self discovery” He is in South Africa on a lecture tour organised  and will be delivering a series of two days intensive worksops on “Discover Yourself”. Sadatullah Khan is an energetic man from Bangalore, a man on a mission to change the world one heart at a time. If you happen to miss out on his lecture series you may watch his many talks on Youtube where he has a large following.

Peace For You International Foundation is a non-profit, educational and awareness Organization engaged in empowering people through self-introspection and was founded by Khan in 2002. For more information check out their website – it may change your life.


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