“Whisperings in the Mist” from academic and author Gani

Academic and author, A S Ganyi wrote the thought provoking book, “Whisperings in the Mist.” Now for the first time, he shares his thoughts publicly.

“The content of my book is primarily an attempt to explore the very essence of Islamic philosophy.

“To understand Islam is not merely to have subtle thoughts, but to love and live its wisdom according to its beliefs and hence to ascertain its meaning and understand its worth. It is an inward journey to self discovery, a sincere attempt to explore divine truth in earthly expressions. It is an intellectual journey to revitalise contemplative processes for spiritual nourishment; a constant renaissance to breed better and nobler core values.

“It is marked by the diligent search for salient facts, and built from critical judgment from which all presuppositions and prejudices are eliminated and with only loyalty to truth. It is a dynamic force that urges me to endlessly rediscover myself through my religion to gain a clearer understanding of its moral and spiritual values; a constant desire for a better vision of Islam.

“My descriptions reflect on a myriad of diverse utterances of religious phenomena, moulded in poetry and prose; a theoretical kaleidoscope of varied imprints. It explores  the essence of true faith as a  space where vision and hope interact; where faith and belief merge, where knowledge and wisdom fuse  where inspiration and intuition embrace, where maturity and integrity bond, where grace and dignity mingle,  where intellect and imagination  meet, where compassion and justice prevail, where time and destiny interact, and where experience and insight blend.

“My scribe traverses many pastures to explore meanings and evoke understanding on religious encounters. They embrace  my holy experience with a simple cube of infinite spiritual dimensions in a land of desert and mountains, about the  bonding of faith and belief,  about the spirit of love and unity; about the fountainhead of wisdom on life and living, about readings from the Holy Book, about the blessing of forgiving, about deeds of divine generosity that give much more than it takes.

“Memorising of the Holy Book, about the teacher who through passion and love, kindles the lamp to shed its light on his pupils,  about time which like a river carries one along in spite of many deliberations, about faith as a measure of observance and self-belief, about obligations and  understanding to serve and commit, about prayer as the perfect impulse.

“Enriching of  life’s directive forces, about belief as an unfolding enlightening process of the mind, about introspection of Islamic content through knowledge, perception and inference, about discerning the worth of ones being, about religion and spiritual growth and about love and harmony.

“It is a sincere attempt to make a statement of faith; to purify sensual impressions in order to attain a clearer insight into the moral and spiritual virtues of Islam. “

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