Muslims in South Africa called upon to endorse Cape Accord

Imam Dr. Rashied Omar

Imam Dr. Rashied Omar of The Claremont Main Road Masjid (CMRM)  said that it is now most important and urgent for Muslims in South Africa to take a stand and speak out loudly against anti-Shi’a sectarianism.

He said: “Among the concrete ways in which this can be done is to embrace and endorse the Cape Accord. This is a document that was collectively drawn up and signed by prominent Muslim organizations, including CMRM, in December 2017.

“The Cape Accord embraces the spirit of the Amman Message signed in 2005 by more than 500 leading Muslim scholars worldwide, which aimed to capture Islam’s core values of compassion, mutual respect, tolerance, acceptance and freedom of religion. The Cape Accord calls on Communities to Unite Against Hate Speech and Discord, and to promote intra-Muslim tolerance and cooperation.  This document, and the sentiments that it holds, needs to be circulated and popularised in our communities.

“Ordinary Muslims need to familiarise themselves with the content of the Cape Accord and the direction it offers towards greater tolerance and good-neighbourliness amongst and between differing Muslim groups.  At the same time, other prominent Muslim institutions and leaders must be encouraged to also sign and endorse the Cape Accord.

“South African Muslims can in no way allow themselves to go down the path of hatred, intolerance, violence, and brutal attacks on Shi’a Muslims as has been the case in several other parts of the world. We must recognize that the fomenting of anti-Shi’a sectarianism has fuelled the many geo-political conflicts we see in the Middle East today. Let us stop this now, and never allow such sectarianism to blight our local community. We call on the South African Police Services (SAPS) to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice. We call on local communities to assist SAPS in doing so speedily,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Muslims in South Africa called upon to endorse Cape Accord

  • Where is the so called Cape Accord Document ?
    Why have Muslim communities not been consulted about this ?
    Why have these handful of individuals and officials of organisations signed on to an “accord” without consulting their donors and constituencies first?
    If they signed onto any accord without the consent of the larger community of Muslims , then they have signed in their personal capacity .
    Muslims cannot be expected to rubber stamp any accord document, either individually or collectively , that has not been presented to them , that they have neither seen , nor endorsed.
    So once again Let us SEE the full text of this signed cape accord document , then we can apply our minds to it , consult with the broader Muslim community and decide on a Response.
    Until then , these signatories of this cape accord document and those pushing for Muslims to sign onto something they didn’t ever give their consent to , will be regarded , rightfully so, with suspicion.
    In matters of our Faith, Muslims do not , have not and will not ourselves to be forced into endorsing the agenda of a small group of people who did not consult with us , and are pressuring us to rubber stamp something that we had nothing to do with , and have not even shown us this document to for a basis of discussion .
    So No discussion , No support , NO to anyone hijacking our Islam for their own purposes

  • This person refers to shi’ite ” Muslims ” .
    This person therefore erroneously refers to the shi’ite as ” muslim” when they themselves declared themselves not of The Muslims , they who first came to this country uninvited, of their own accord two decades ago , and declared themselves as a separate faith by not joining the SA Muslims, who have been in this country for many centuries , and who have established hundreds of Masaajidh .
    Foreign funded shi’it brought their foreign faith to SA and established their places of worship they call imam bhara in the external style of mosques, within a stones throw of pre-existing long established Masaajidh , thus declaring themselves as a separate group from the Muslims of SA.

    Muslims do NOT hesitate to oppose anyone who vilifies the Honour of The Sahaba and The Mothers of The Muslims.

    Whatever they may be , they cannot be and are NOT Muslim!

  • The Christians , Hindus, Jews, shi’ite, atheists, animist all may practice their own rituals in SA within SA law, Muslims hold themselves as law abiding citizens and have tolerated all these diverse groups .
    Muslims have even tolerated the qadiani.

    So who are these attackers of the shi’it in verulam?
    Why have these shi’ite immediately pointed the finger of accusation to the Million Muslims ?
    How was a “bomb” placed under the shi’ite imams throne , when the imam bhara shi’ite place of worship was under police surveillance ?

    NO to any accord with our enemies being signed by those who don’t represent us .

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