History curriculum in schools

The South African Muslim Network is looking for experts to ensure that the contribution of Islam and Muslims in South Africa is included in the history curriculum in Schools. Chairperson, Dr Faisal Suliman called on experts in education, history and retired academics to assist.

The history curriculum for schools is shockingly inadequate when it comes to covering the contributions of Islam and Muslims in South Africa. He pointed out that the government is considering revising elements of the South African history curriculum.

Dr Suliman added that the role of Muslims and of the Indian and Malay communities in South Africa get very little attention. “Particularly regarding the anti-apartheid struggles as well as our role in the development of our present multi-cultural society. Other population groups with much smaller numbers have greater representation in the present curriculum. The South African Muslim Network wants to formulate a comprehensive analysis and provide recommendations for inclusion. “We are looking for experts within the Muslim community who can assist with an analysis of the present curriculum.It is absolutely essential that our history be intertwined in the South African historical fabric and worldview.”

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