Imam Afroz Ali at Suleman Lockhat Auditorium

Imam Afroz Ali’s two-day lectures on the “Nature of Ethics: A Ghazalian Paradigm” at the Suleman Lockhat Audiotorium on Saturday and Sunday 2-3 June 2018 was such a success that plans are being made for a return, extended visit. He said that people were looking for a blueprint for life – now they can better their conditions because they have an Islamic way of life. “People are looking for something deeper within themselves in an effort to better their lives. We want to get the best of ourselves,” he said.

The reaction from those who attended the two-day, intensive lecture said that they needed more information and that a much longer course was necessary to enable people to get the benefits, which they seek.

Mrs Zillquainnise Tayob described the two-day event as “inspiring” and  “interesting.” “He opened a window for me to look deeper into my character and to build on it. I believe that we need more such sessions,” she said.

Another delegate, Mrs Mariam Jhaveri praised the sessions saying that it was useful. “Its nice to have a programme like this which leads to self reflection and improvement. I will come back,” she said.

Ruwaida Vawda said that the sessions “teach one to be in touch with the soul, temperament and how we can change one’s self. “It brings strength to relationships among people. There is a strain in modern society and there is a need for this kind of leadership,” said Mrs Vawda.

Imam Afroz Ali taught for seven years at the Deen Intensive Programme. He lectures on Islam, the environment, economics, ethics, leadership and academic university settings as well as Traditional Islamic learning programmes. He is a corporate and personal development mentor, providing ethical life coaching as well as training. His work is to primarily to develop individuals and organisations at grassroots and community level.

Imam Afroz Ali is based in a number of countries including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Ikhlaas Academia Library and Resource Centre hosted him in South Africa during the Month of Ramadan. His trip in Durban was hosted by Baitul Hikmah and the Islamic Forum.


Mohamed Amra of Baitul Hikmah and Islamic Forum giving set of Ghazzali Books to Imam Afroz Ali – Bottom: Sunday talk at SLA


1 thought on “Imam Afroz Ali at Suleman Lockhat Auditorium

  • As salaamu alaikum,
    Afroz Ali has actually been requested to stop teaching from Senior teacher such as Imam Zaid Shakir, Dr Umar Abd-Allah and Sh Faraz Rabbani.

    It would be of benefit to you and your community to stop engaging with him until he has corrected his wrongs.
    He has hurt many people in Australia and New Zealand and it would be to see that happening in your community.

    There were issues of clear financial mismanagement, no transperancy with funds and verbally abusing many people.
    There are a long list of people here for this, its not just 2 or 3. There is a reason why his centre Al Ghazali Centre was shut down and is now the Riverwood Islamic Centre.

    Its a shame that it has come to this, but he does need help, we have tried to tell him and he doesnt listen to us.

    Unfortunately we got too close and got hurt. Learn from our mistakes.

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