Condemnation for Attack on Malmesbury Worshippers

It is with deep sadness that we at the Claremont Main Road Masjid (CMRM) received the tragic news of the brutal killing of two worshippers who were completing their month long fast of Ramadan while in a spiritual retreat (`itikaf) at the Malmesbury masjid outside Cape Town yesterday morning. Police reports indicate that a suspect who attacked them with a knife was subsequently shot and killed.

We extend our sincere condolences to the families and community of Malmesbury and pray that God, Lord of Compassion, grants the deceased salvation in the life hereafter. We also pray for a speedy recovery to the persons who were maimed in the attack.

We note with concern that this Ramadan started shortly after the heinous attack on the Imam Husseini Mosque in Verulam, and the perpetrators are still at large.  At this tragic time, we reiterate the qur’anic injunction that the sanctity of human life is a supreme value in Islam and nothing is worth the cost of a human life.

We call for calm while the investigation is underway. We call for caution with speculations about the motive for the attack. We call on our community to cooperate with the South African police in their investigation into the motives for the attack. We also call on all conscientious Muslims to redouble our efforts at promoting intra-faith harmony and to foster a local environment of adab al-ikhtilaf and ta`awun – an ethics of disagreement and cooperation in the promotion of goodness.

Imam Dr. Rashied Omar  – OBO CMRM Board


The Members of the Islamic Forum together with all concerned Muslims condemn this vicious attack which follows closely follows that at the Ottawa Masjid, a few weeks ago, which left one person dead. Our sympathies go out to all the deceased and our prayers for those who were injured for their speedy recovery. We pray that these two incidents will be thouroughly investigated by the authorities and this senseless killing, especially in the Holy month of Ramadaan and in the house of worship is roundly condemned by all peace loving Muslims and South Africans.

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