Our duas and hope go out to Tasmi Quazi for her quick recovery

Tasmi seen here with her twins Muntaha on her lap and Mahfuz on baby seat. The twins turned two last week.

My sister Tasmi – known to be a wushinite – a spirited martial arts warrior – perpetually engaged in self mastery – on a trajectory of growth and virtue – with a heart of gold – radiating love and joy to everyone around her – a natural affinity of kaleidoscopic bonds with children – a super Ammu to her Tweenies/ bonding with ‘nephsters ‘ as she would say and in general bringing a smile to children everywhere.

More than just a special friend to the poor and down trodden – from humble recyclers to morning market workers – I have personally been with Tasmi to homes in Inanda – sharing a meal from the same plate – she has a natural charisma to make everyone feel comfortable and honoured- beautiful emulating the sunnah of our Habib SAWA.

Her caring altruistic nature for all of humanity cut across every divide – one of the first people to respond to the recent Shia mosque tragedy – extending a warm helping hand, wiping away tears of the children .

I have seen her roll up her sleeves and work hard collecting cardboard for a recycler who was too ill to be at work just so Mama Maria didn’t miss out on a day’s pay. On yet another occasion when Baba Afrika was ill, she was at his side close and comforting. The stories are too numerous to mention – her legacy of caring knows no bounds.

In a world of rapid growing individualism – itself an aspect of reductive materialism – our sister Tasmi stands out as a beacon of Noor – a shining example of actively participating in building an egalitarian- pluralistic community. She lives with a graceful open attitude to life and people from all walks – always willing to engage with diversity and alterity – to sacramentally reconnect with creation – she teaches us to stand in the place of the ‘other’ to walk in their shoes – her beautiful way of understanding and empathy – she teaches us to participate intrinsically in the wholeness around us – together with the love of her life – Shamim our systems thinking genius who truly live by this principle ..he himself a beautiful example of ihsaan – a sincere brother who will mountains to help someone in need.

The hundreds of phone calls and messages from all who love Tasmi are a testament of her compassionate nature to all- her special way of engagement to accommodate our differences through an affirmation of our inherent dignity and to transcend beyond circumstance by fulfilling our accountability to respect, preserve and nourish the sacred web of life around us.

Now in her honour –  along with the fervent Duas and messages of hope – let us ontologically participate in her road to recovery – let us reflect our love for Tasmi in a tangible, palpable sense — generate love and positive waves of healing – engage in creative  acts of sadaqah / good will / altruism – open up portals of hasanah wherever you are – sending the ‘ajr to her – be part of making a child smile today in the name of  our sister Tasmi – who will no doubt from her heart, feel these incremental surges of hope and love.

We are waiting for you our dear Tasmi – to see that warm, sincere beautiful radiant smile again. Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal wakeelough out of it. I think it is more encompassing than anything that I can come up with. As you predicted, Shamim wasn’t in the right frame of mind to say he could put any words down, now at least.

Maseeha (Sister-in-Law)

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