Yasir Qadhi in Durban on Sura Yusuf

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi from the USA on his fourth trip to South Africa spoke on Surah Yusuf at the DLI Hall in Durban on Saturday 22nd September 2018. Organised by the Al Buruj Press he spoke to a mixed audience on one of the greatest surahs in the Qur’an, that of the life of the noble prophet Yusuf (AS) who came from a long line of prophets and he touched on the wisdom, spiritual and moral lessons highlighted in the beautiful Surah.

Concept of dreams

Importance of treating people in fair and just manner

Dangers of jealousy

Benefit of optimism

Importance of seeking advice.

The 3 levels of Sabr.

Importance of navigating through family politics with hiqmahTurn to Allah.

Yusuf AS had 2 types of beauty. – Inner beauty is more important and is determined by our level of Taqwa, akhlaak, morality, chastity, manners, etc

Outer beauty is physical appearance.

Inner beauty is more important factor to consider in marriage partner.

Sincerity, Ikhlaas will always be Rewarded by Allah

Life is never easy. Ambiyah suffered many trials and adversities. Remember that Allah Tests those He Loves, so.the more He Loves us the more we get tested.

These are few life lessons from Sura Yusuf.

Yasir Qadhi closing words to South Africans

This is my 4th trip to South Africa. I cannot say enough how fortunate you all are. There’s NO other democratic country in the Western & Southern hemispheres, whereby Islam & Muslims are so mainstream in society & so well respected. You have Musjids, institutions, Halal food, Musallahs in the workplace & government institutions including parliament, practising Muslims who are MPs, Ambassadors, Politicians, Corporate Executives. You have Ministers who hold office that can deliver Khutbahs…

What is the excuse for you people not maximising this potential?

You have to answer this…

You can become a beacon of Islam in the Secular & Western world, if you get our act together. You can become Leaders in the Western world that others can look up to…

Look at yourself & your contributions, see how u can better yourself, then apply to those around you, your neighbours, your greater South African society…

The freedoms you have, we in the Western countries can only dream off. Think about, don’t lose it…

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