Maulana Kharsany ask Graduates to Add Value to Society at IMA Dinner

The Islamic Medical Association of South Africa’s (IMASA) Graduates Dinner is an annual event that has been held, without fail since the inception of the organisation. Initially it was held at the homes of the executive members in Durban. Now with the growing numbers and with other health-care institutions accepting students from all race groups, larger venues are needed and such functions are held in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Cape Town. These functions may also allow some centres an opportunity to raise funds for the organization’s many social welfare projects. The primary aim of these functions is to introduce the graduates to the IMASA and it’s activities and invite them to join the organisation and help enhance and further it’s workings. Invited speakers provide motivational talks to advise graduates on Islam’s value system.

This year’s event in Durban was held on the 28 November 2018 at the Orient Hall. The guest speaker, Moulana Junaid Kharsany, emphasised the need for minorities to rise above the mundane and to be the “sugar “ in the country by being instrumental to the upliftment of the poor majority. By way of example he quoted the role of the Parsees in India and Pakistan, who are a tiny minority but have created entities such as Bata and Tata which are tremendous assets to the country and its people. He went on to give the following advice: “A Muslim understands that Islam requires us to benefit society as a whole. Historically, minorities were valued in their host societies because of the principled values they contributed. If we as a generation of graduates are going to excel, we must be propelled not by the desire of monetary gain or rank, but by the promotion of compassionate service, the very cardinal quality of Islam. Be as enthusiastic and motivated when serving our country’s disenfranchised, as you would serving the elite. Be as compassionate in a rural South African hospital as you would in a Palestinian clinic. After all, a Muslim is called on to serve all of the creation of Allah Ta’ala. May you be the pride of the Ummah and the beloved of the Almighty.”

The highlight of the evening is the taking of the Oath of the Muslim Health Care Worker by all the graduates after which they are treated to a sumptuous dinner and leave with gifts (mainly of beneficial Islamic literature with the advice to study these for the real “final exam”).




Zakaria Ahmed Ismail

Khalid Ebrahim

Mohammed Yousuf Kazi

Abu Bakr Arbee

Sideeq Arnold

Taherah Makada

Zakkiyah Patel

Fathima Bhorat

Fathima Osman

Mahadi Gabralla

Nabeelah Karimulla

Mohamed Thamish Carrim

Asif Ahmed Solwa

Ebrahim Kamdar

Faizan Nadvi



Abdur Rahman Paruk

Abdur Rauf Dosani

Yusuf Amra

Naeem Khan

Zain Peermamode

Leeya Jasat

Ahmed Gora Mahomed

Zaheer Lorgat

Mohammed Goga

Sehrish B Khan

Mohammed Bassa

Yusuf Trook

Ziyaad Moolla


Yusuf Peer

Reaz Moolla

Shehzaad Soomar

Maneeza Ismail

Sayed M A Kader



Muhammad Ja’far Mehtar

Ahmed Kauthar Peer

Zaheer Dawjee



Nazmeera Khalil



Aalia Dawood

Asma Chohan

Basheera Ameen

Fathima Zahra Tayob

Fathima Azzahra Suleman

Hanifa Bibi Amod

Humraaz Kaja

Juwairiyyah Vahed

Kaneez Fathima Fakey

Maryam Ashraf Karodia

Maseeha Bayat

Maseeha Muslim

Mohamed Hoosen Suleman

Naseerah Jadwat

Saajida Khatoon Rizvi

Salma Patel

Sumaiya Motala

Tasmia Ahmed Suleman

Yumna Moosa

Zeenat Ebrahim



Khadija Jamal


Koketso Moropa

Muhammad Solwa

Yusuf Vahed

Sumaiyah Moosa

Taufeeq Mahomed

Fathima Zahraa Hoosen

Safwaan Vahed

Sadehya Khan

Zakariyya Ganie

Muhammad Raja



Jahaan Paruk

Husna Mahomed

Zahrah Cassim

Tasnim Dawood



Usraa Gani

Mishkah Ally

Husna Yusuf

Raeesah Sahib

Arshiya Dahal



Naseerah Simjee

Karima Khan

Jauhara Khan

Tasneem Amod

Husna Paruk

Uzair Amod

Ahmed Randeree



Hamida Mahomed Jooma

Lutfiyya Lakhi

Saadia Mayat

Kadhija Hoosen

Leyya Muslim

Khadijah Desai

Aamina Randaree



Ilhaam Ahmed

Layla Suffla

Hawa Khan Essop

Siddeeqah Kader

Raeesa Simjee

Humayra Rawat

Farzana Moosa

Aziza Mulla

Zahrah Patel



Waseem Ballim



Emad Elhuni

Hossam Ghamo

Mohammed Mitha

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